Plastic Kit KXF450 09-11 Original

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Racetech Plastic Kit

Plastic Kit KXF450 09-11 Original

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Το κίτ περιλαμβάνει εμπρός και πίσω φτερό , προστατευτικά ψυγείου,εμπρός number plate και πλαϊνά number plate. Manufactured in Italy by Rtech. One of the world's largest manufacturer of plastics for motocross and enduro. Rtech supplies their plastic to several major motocross and enduro teams, including the Red Bull KTM Factory Team. All Rtech Plastic Kits are injection molded in premium quality techno polymers. This ensures strength, lightness, shine and resistance to fading and to uv rays. Ideal replacement of the original plastic.